Causes of Demolition Project, projects

Project to investigate the causes of demolition and corrosion monitoring of concrete foundations of regional power line towers

پروژه بررسی علل تخریب و پایش خوردگی فونداسیون بتنی دکل‌‎های خطوط برق‌های منطقه ای

Reinforced concrete is used as one of the most widely used building materials in structures such as piers, bridges, piles buried in the ground, breakwaters, building foundations and foundations of power towers.

Depending on the type of use of the structure and environmental conditions, these structures may be attacked by destructive environmental factors. The most important environmental factors are sulfate attack, chloride ion infiltration, wet and drying cycles, insufficient and not compacted concrete coated on the rig base and carbonation.

In this project, in order to prepare a corrosion atlas, after collecting information, field visits and sampling and monitoring of corrosion of the base of the rigs, the dominant and auxiliary mechanisms of demolition were investigated and operational solutions were presented.

  • Soil chemical tests (measurement of electrical conductivity, pH, available anions and cations, lime, nitrate and soil texture)
  • Concrete tests (concrete curing, chemical analysis of concrete, accelerated chloride ion penetration (RCPT), compressive strength of concrete and Schmidt hammer)
  • Corrosion product tests (check the nature of products with XRD, XRF)
  • Corrosion monitoring of steel base of transmission towers

Finally, maintenance instructions and implementation of new towers were provided. Then, the instructions for the cathodic protection of the reinforcement and steel step of the masts for the implementation of the new line, as well as the lines in operation, which include the calculations and the method of execution, were developed.

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