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Causes of sediment formation in cracking furnace tubes – Aria Sasol Petrochemical

پروژه علل تخریب

Investigation of the causes of sediment formation in the outer part of Ariasasol Petrochemical Cracking Furnace Tubes

Due to the fouling of the outer surfaces of the tubes of the furnaces of the olefin unit of Aria Sasol Polymer Company and the subsequent decrease in the temperature of the process fluid, technical and process causes were identified.

In order to find the mechanisms of sediment formation and the causes of temperature decrease, in addition to carefully examining all relevant cases, the necessary analyzes were performed in order to provide a suitable solution to reduce the formation of these sediments and also clean the sediments.

Laboratory tests performed:

  • visual inspection
  • Quantometric chemical analysis
  • Tensile test
  • Hardness
  • Metallography
  • OM light microscope
  • SEM scanning electron microscope
  • Chemical analysis of EDS X-ray separation
  • XRD X-ray spectroscopy
  • XRF Fluorescence Chemical Analysis

پروژه علل تخریب
پروژه علل تخریب
پروژه علل تخریب

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