Educational services

Naftan Payesh Corrosion Management and Integration Management Training Department with the aim of identifying and planning the training needs of engineers, managers and supervisors of various companies and related organizations (focusing on oil, gas and petrochemical industries), as well as students and trainees who intend to Entered the industry to provide the latest training methods to develop and improve their knowledge and improvement. Therefore, this department has organized training courses required by various industries in a completely specialized manner by experienced and experienced professors.

The main activities of the education department

  • Organizing and holding specialized face-to-face and online courses related to integrated corrosion management and control, cathodic and anodic protection, degradation analysis, paint, coating and insulation in accordance with IGS, IPS, ASTM, ISO, ASME, API and NACC standards
  • Designing and holding management and engineering courses requested by various industries and organizations
  • Providing specialized workshops and special trainings required by various industries in the country, including training to work with laboratory equipment in the field of corrosion
  • Forming a writing and translation working group in the field of publications
  • Forming research teams and presenting the results in the form of articles in specialized seminars and conducting research projects
  • Issuance of international and domestic educational certificates and holding mid-term and end-of-course exams

The training department has provided suitable facilities for holding these courses on the company’s premises so that the company’s personnel and specialists can receive the required training in a favorable environment. In addition, this department announces its readiness to hold these courses in the field of industry exclusively.

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