Corrosion Atlas of Karun Petrochemical

اطلس خوردگی پتروشیمی کارون

In this project, with the initial investigation of possible degradation mechanisms in petrochemical and other common corrosion mechanisms in industrial equipment, during several projects, the root causes of degradation of more than 30 different equipments including heat exchangers, fire water pipelines, tanks, impellers and cold pumps are investigated. Nitric acid air compressor, hydrogenation reactor pump, chlorine compressor, nozzles and many corrosion loops were treated.

The basis of the Atlas Corrosion project is the development of a useful guide based on the latest knowledge in the world, which employers can use to be informed about the conditions of destruction and equipment sensitivities, in order to prevent the destruction and inefficiency of industrial equipment by observing these conditions and timely inspections. The first success of such a measure is a significant saving in the preservation of national capital.

The most important content of the corrosion atlas

  • Identify the mechanisms of destruction
  • Investigate the dominant mechanism in the destruction of any equipment
  • Information analysis and corrosion control
  • Tips for investigating the causes of damage to parts
  • Provide a suitable solution to control corrosion

اطلس خوردگی پتروشیمی کارون
اطلس خوردگی پتروشیمی کارون
اطلس خوردگی پتروشیمی کارون
اطلس خوردگی پتروشیمی کارون

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