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Key Performance Indicators

Key performance Indicators (KPIs) are a valuable tool for monitoring corrosion management system performance, which is critical to the oil and gas industry. Implementing a corrosion management system ensures that all corrosion threats are identified and controlled before they cause damage, and therefore asset integrity will be achieved.

Performance indicators are selected from a list of activities listed in the Corrosion Control Matrix documentation that are reported on a monthly basis by percentage. The use of corrosion performance indicators is an effective way to record, process and evaluate data related to the most important activities that affect the integrity of an asset’s process pressure systems.

Using corrosion KPIs as part of the assets of the corrosion management system, brings several benefits such as improving personnel safety and environmental protection, reducing factory downtime, reducing maintenance costs, inspection and chemical treatment. For example, internal corrosion rates or maximum corrosion rates can be considered as performance indicators of a corrosion management system.

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