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Determining the material, coating and metallurgical production process

One of the concerns of most manufacturers of industrial parts is the knowledge of the material, hardness and coating of segments. This phase of parts reverse engineering, determines the final quality of the product and its life.

In some cases, it has been observed that a device has been produced with high accuracy, but the lack of attention to metallurgical variables has caused premature destruction and improper performance. The specialists of Naftan Payesh Company, relying on the experiences of their experts, have the ability to extract the metallurgical identity of the parts, and due to the long experience of the company in the field of corrosion management, have the special advantage that based on previous experiences, material and coating suitable for the environment, Suggest the performance of the segment.

The company is in contact with most of the prestigious laboratories in the country and selects the appropriate analysis method for each part and extracts the metallurgical characteristics of the segments.

One of the limitations in the country in relation to reverse engineering of segments, is the lack of access to material or coating of foreign samples, so that in some cases, foreign samples are made in a country where the supply of raw materials made in that country is not available in Iran.

The experts of Naftan Payesh Company, due to their abundant experience in this field, have the ability to introduce available materials and alternative coatings with similar properties, and at the request of the employer, they can simulate the desired parts and the forces applied to it and prove the correctness of the choice of material and alternative cover.

The choice of coating according to the performance of the part is one of the other issues that are extremely important in industrial environments. The type and quality of the coating, determines the segments corrosion life, and according to the experiences that have existed for a long time in Naftan Payesh Company, the best coating in the country is recommended in accordance with the performance and working environment of the segment.

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