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Corrosion Monitoring

In any industry involved in the production of oil and gas and volatiles, corrosion can be one of the greatest threats to the longevity and stability of assets.

Corrosion monitoring means observing and checking changes in materials (metals, concrete, etc.) due to degradation processes such as atmospheric rust, chemical solution, crystallization, galvanic couple reactions, etc. in equipment with corrosion probes or other tools. In simple terms, Corrosion monitoring is the pursuit of equipment destruction over time.

Material changes to be monitored include weight loss, physical, chemical, electrical, magnetic, and mechanical changes, also changes in the integrity of components (such as cracking). lose weight is one of the most important and well-known methods of corrosion monitoring that can be caused by uniform corrosion or local corrosion such as cavitation, groove corrosion, intergranular corrosion and etc.

Without proper monitoring and monitoring, large industrial tanks such as pressure tanks and boilers will gradually corrode and damage and leakage will occur, leading to reduced efficiency and reliability. In severe cases, if corrosion is not monitored, it can lead to complete destruction of property and explosion and threat to personnel lives and severe financial and environmental damage.

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