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Consulting, simulation and process optimization

Control and monitoring of industrial processes is very important for the safe and efficient operation of equipment to produce maximum products. On the other hand, the occurrence of unexpected operational problems in various industrial units can lead to cessation of product production. These problems may be due to a variety of factors including: Improper design, failure to consider the principles observed in the design during operation, etc. The process engineering department, by providing consulting services and simulating new processes before launching the desired unit or re-simulating and optimizing existing processes, solves unforeseen process problems and necessary solutions to increase production and productivity. Provides minimization of energy loss and material waste and elimination of various operational shortcomings of the unit.

For this purpose, the experts of the process department of this collection study the drawings and technical documents related to the process of the unit and extract the information required for the simulation. In the meantime, they collect information from the actual operating conditions and operation of the unit. Then, based on the simulation objectives, they create a process flow map (PFD) or, in process simulation mode, examine the existing maps. The process is then simulated. Finally, based on the review of the simulation results and its comparison with the actual conditions of the unit, the necessary changes and modifications in the process are proposed for maximum efficiency and production.

Specialized capabilities of the process unit:

  • Consulting and simulation of new processes in oil, gas and petrochemical industries
  • Consulting and performing process optimization in oil, gas and petrochemical industries
  • Process simulation training by specialized chemical engineering software
  • Holding specialized simulation workshops for engineers working in various industries
  • Defining and carrying out various student projects in postgraduate courses

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